Thursday, April 3, 2014

Let there be soup on your flies, too

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To serve man

SOUP ON MY FLY began as a way to document the non-exciting life and times of a server in the modern restaurant world. I tried to impact lives with thoughts about what it means to actually 'serve' to others.. the weird folks you meet along the way.
I was joined when this site first started by lots of others doing the same thing.
And now, I have come to notice, that they sort of have fallen away.. Their websites linger without updates, stale content just waiting to be deleted by whatever server the information is hosted on.

In 2011, I had a son named Ayden. I decided at that time to step away from the heat and go into submission.. My main job, which I don't blog about, still exists. Catering/serving/bartending was always my secondary employment--but so often took up the most mental thought time.. Now, three years and some days after Ayden was born, the need for supplementary income has taken shape, and a new job is born: Serving again.

There is some natural guilt, though. I will be working as part of part time as I can--being a father and being a husband are really the most important jobs I have, and they are two jobs that mean a lot more than throwaway cash.  There is a delicate balance, one I intend on balancing and succeeding in. And if the second job doesn't as well for me as it did before I had a child.. it's off. Over. Kerplunk.
Either way you'll hear about it.

So expect more content.. I don't want to let SOUP ON MY FLY get too cold..
Maybe I can turn this sucka into a book one day.
It worked for other.
Maybe me?

Serve away Merril!
We're coming back.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Soup is on the pot.. more to come

A new part time serving job awaits .. More to come on that.
I'm getting back into the game after two years of retreat..
Let the stories begin.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I want to have a good truck. What y'all think of that?