Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let me begin by saying, without question, if I was propositioned by a woman or man, I would deny them the chance to be with me.. I have a wife and child on the way.. I am not about to ruin that with a one night stand on the whim with a customer in the restaurant I work in.. But that's not saying being hit on isn't a character builder.

Not that I would really know. The female wait staff doesn't seem to have any issues.. Any given wedding, and 4 hours of an open bar later, and they can hardly walk by the customers without a whistle or a sweaty-toothed-madman asking a waitress to go home with him..

But then I saw the congo creepin' through the black..
Cutting through the forest with a golden track.

I was hit on last night. First time ever (that I know of) besides the occasional priest that always seems to have his eye on the only male wait staffperson. But I digress.

The 'hit on' wasn't nearly what I would have wanted it to be.

The woman looked like a wild wolf, with black puffy hair standing up and bouncing around. Giant thick glasses. She was pale white..whiter than me in January.. and she was celebrating a class reunion from the early 1980s.

The moment came right before that magic drunken moment when the room begins to spin.. She looked at me, caressed my chin, and said "you have the most beautiful eyes. You're beautiful. I'm sorry. I'm drunk."

That was it.. Years of working, and this is the one hit on moment that comes my way..

Later she had some fun dancing to the band, spinning around ferociously to the music.
I'm sure when the night was finished, if she made it home without falling asleep in the parking lot. From the appearance, she was caressing a porcelain god only a little later..


Anonymous said...

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